Ed Sheeran You Need Me, I Don't Need You


Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don't Need You [Official Video]

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[Verse 1: Dot Rotten & Scrufizer]
Right now its the millitant spot with Fizzer and Dot
We've got a villanous plot to make billions watch
Bringing the hot flows skippin' across
Delivering some of the illest bars killing them off?
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Yeah we're doing the damn thing, man think we need them
But onna dat thing
Nah I'm back in this raptures?
Double my adlibs
Got them all banging the anthems having a madness
For me the music's the thorn in my vein
Calling my name
Yeah, we're lord of the raves
I swear down I got them all talking my name
Been working all year it's the ultimate gain
Look I don't need you
Making us angry we were so peaceful
You don't really wanna see us get so lethal
Any foe to approach
Will be ghosted and don't be fooled
Yes, people

[Hook: Ed Sheeran]
You need me man I don't need you

[Verse 2: Dot Rotten & Scrufizer]
Yeah y'all messed up everybody's hyped
Even a blind man can see the devil in my eyes
Many were the times that he saw me stepping on the mic
Setting it alight
Come up with the energy and vibe
When I come back from a coma stronger than ever
Songs are forever so I'm living longer than ever
Any genre whatever
I'll be setting off a bomb
Cause my longevity's just too long for a measure
Well I'm setting off better, I'm taking over faster
Showering down
You better put your umbrella on
Yeah I'm stepping up a level, got my foot on the pedal
I'm coming to be the better vision than ? when I'm spitting
They had to resist because they need a stage to perform
Case and a cord
You won't see me pace through the door
Thinking I'm gonna be rich so I'm chasing the thought
Spreading like a plague the songs when I soar

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Dot Rotten & Scrufizer]
Living out our days in ?
If I went crazy in a whip crashing the ride
Double "P" when we enter that's passion and pride
They ain't gotta life cause they let that battery die
I'm a shooting star that ain't catching your eye
An assassin with lines and immaculate rhymes
They all say that they're the truth but it's actually lies
So we hit them with a punch like a Cassidy line
Yeah I tried to relax but you can feel the anger inside
Raging like I stand on the right
Yeah my stamina is high
Yeah I'm living like I stand with the Mayans
So think twice cause our plans are defiant
It's blatant you need me, who's this face on the TV?
Come on, we're taking it easy
Got kids in the school exchanging the CD
Love hearing the bars impatient to cheer me

[Hook x2]
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