Andy Mineo feat. Christon Gray Ex Nihilo



Andy Mineo
Okay I don’t know what I’ve been told/ when the saints come marching in We rose/ so deep that they can’t believe we sold out seats and them cds/ please don’t sleep on the beat ah/ Beat on theses still don’t get it would you keep up please/ we aint no heroes for sale if you bought one Better keep your receipts!/ Okay I get it, I know what they thinking/ we some kum-buy-ya singing corny Christians keep your disses/ buy a ticket to a concert pay a visit think it’s odd/ we them blues brothers one one six, on a mission from god/ I don't think they get it I really think what they got to do is see it to be leave it I wasn't planning on leaving them. Gimme The microphone with no gimmicks I really live it it's authentic I may not condone it but I don't condemn it /ever want to get them or tell them to get it/ I point them to a god and tell them that we realty with them/ they thinking I’m trippin cuz I’m living for more than just rappin/ boy that’s what happens when the saints…

Hold up, here we go go/ them boys so loud no promo/ till we give it two years and it go cold/ …ocho/ imma give it 300, and the streets partna wanna see us stoned,/cuz we in it we in it we winners we … /our gods gonna do what he waant we favorite/ the aroma is that our god say, married to the rock and the faithful to take these words to Beyoncé/ don’t it feel like we famous, that the world will know what our name is/ but heaven knows us baby, ….. /so I ball, I’m so rich and I talkin about cheddar/ I bank on Christ, go and talk to the teller/ and the check that I get I be cashin forever/, bad for the saints I gotta get it go/, lackin in the paint that is the straight lamb/, we aint lacking a thang, rap is what the faith/ that is the blood of the lamb/, that is paid that is paid

Trip Lee

I don’t know what you’ve been told about us, about us/ but we gon love them though they doubt us, doubt us/ we just visiting like some out of towners/ got em askin us how does this God turn yall into shouters/ like hold up, we don’t really think we better/ call us perfect no never/ but we glad to be called saints, cuz … /we set apart for the savior/ he’s lead our hearts to the maker/ forget the art that we making/ if we never love our neighbors/ you might catch us whistling/ march to the spot straight glistening/ shining cuz we feel with em you might want to listen in/ my god came down and he reigned and he rose/ there they go with this again, that’s what makes us love our neighbors/ we not in better sin